All HL-products are subject to continuous factory inspections. Products with test symbols are taken a regular official monitoring and correspond to ÖNORM.The weldability of our PE-drains with all PE-pipe-product lines on the market is certificated by 'Österreichisches Kunststoffinstitut'.


Bitumen membranes

SBS modified bitumen membrane with elastomer attributes; polyester mat 235g/m²; thickness 4,5mm; according to DIN52133, DIN52123 and DIN4102 (resistant to flying sparks and radiant heat); resistant to all chemicals in the atmosphere; welding with L.P.G. burners.

EPDM (ethylene-propylene-terpolymere-rubber)

Multi-purpose waterproofing membrane; resistant to ozone, UV- and IR- rays; radix-proof according to DIN4062; according to DIN4102 class "B2" (resistant to flying sparks and radiant heat); thickness 1,0 - 1,2mm, weight 1,2 or 1,4kg/m² respectively; bonding to bituminous coatings, boards or membranes.

Lead (Pb 0,15%Sb)

1mm thick – lead collar for traditional lead waterproofing; soldering on lead (also available at HL).

Textile coated membrane

Textile coated membrane: Multi-purpose waterproofing with 2-component bitumene glueing or for alternative waterproofings with 2 component epoxy resins.