Product news

News 04/2017

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Sound protection certificate for HL540(i) and HL531


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„Standard“- cover  InFloor HL053S/90(100)(120)

Productinformation 07/2015

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HL53 In|Floor shower channel

(HL53K, HL53KF, HL053M, HL053P)

Productinformation 06/2015

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Recessed washing device siphon HL4000
for washing machine, dryer or wash basin

Productinformation 05/2015

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Safety drains for flat roofs and terraces
series „Safe“

Product news 03/2015

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HL540(I) shower trap „Primus Drain“

Product news 02/2015

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HL535 „Primus-Board“
Shower board with integrated shower channel

Productinformation 07/2014


Trap for shower trays DN40/50 for waste holes Ø90mm

Productinformation 06/2014

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Double and single small diameters
waterproofing pipe sleeves

Productinformation 05/2014

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HL85N and HL85NH
Existing extension elements with new height

Productinformation 02/2014

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Moisture-protective PVC sealing kit DN110 for pipe inflow channels

Productinformation 01/2014

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HL520F / HL520F.0
Shower tray syphon DN40/50 for shower trays with hole Ø90mm

Productinformation 08/2013

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HL2000RS PRIMUS trap with backwater protector

Productinformation 07/13

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HL531 (.0) shower channel PRIMUS-LINE

Productinformation 06/13

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HL50 – series
Improvement of cleaning possibility

Productinformation 05/2013

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HL90KH, HL310NKH and HL510NKH
Balcony and terrace drain bodies with bitumen flange

Productinformation 03/2013

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Siphon for condensate HL136NT transparent

Productinformation 01/2013

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HL38P Extension for PVC floor coatings

Productinformation 02/2012


HL3100T, HL5100T - HL Series-Terra
Balkony and terrace drains HL3100T(H),  HL5100T(H)

Productinformation 01/2012

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Ultra flat shower channel
with height 68mm

Productinformation 08/2011


HL161 Drainage element
for HL62, HL63, HL64 and HL69 series

Productinformation 05/2011

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HL521 Trap for shower trays flat DN40 for holes ø 90mm

Productinformation 03/2011

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HL520, HL522, HL522V
flat stainless steel cover plates

Productinformation 01/2011

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HL523N with new high capacity trap.
1,1 l/s - horizontal and
1,35 l/s - vertical