Notizie sui prodotti

News 03/2021 (en)

PDF 234,3KB

HL05100T.0E Strainer for balcony and terrace series “Terra”

News 04/2020

PDF 182,4KB

Nuovi piedini per la series HL50, HL53, HL85NC, HL80C
und HL510NC

News 03/2020

PDF 661,9KB

 HL570 FlexBox Il Sistema per lo scarico del piatto doccia

News 02/2020

PDF 233,5KB

HL905N Aeratore per tubi ad incasso

News 01/2020

PDF 290,3KB

Attica drains (HL68) - Allegato

News 01/2020 add-on

PDF 679,5KB

Attica drains (HL68) - add-on

News 03/2019

PDF 821,9KB

Attica drains (HL68)

Productinformation 01/2017 (it)


Canaline doccia serie HL53: Nuova
copertura “Standard” più economica.
Coperture InFloor HL053S/90(100)

Productinformation 06/2015 (en)

PDF 3268,2KB

Recessed washing device siphon HL4000
for washing machine, dryer or wash basin

Productinformation 05/2015 (en)

PDF 347,4KB

Safety drains for flat roofs and terraces
series „Safe“

Productinformation 05/2014 (en)

PDF 548,3KB

HL85N and HL85NH
Existing extension elements with new height

Productinformation 02/2014 (en)

PDF 66,7KB

Moisture-protective PVC sealing kit DN110 for pipe inflow channels

Productinformation 01/2014 (en)

PDF 118,8KB

HL520F / HL520F.0
Shower tray syphon DN40/50 for shower trays with hole Ø90mm

Productinformation 08/2013 (en)

PDF 53,8KB

HL2000RS PRIMUS trap with backwater protector

Productinformation 06/2013 (it)

PDF 157,7KB

Serie HL50: possibilità di pulizia migliorata

Productinformation 05/2013 (it)

PDF 141,2KB

Pozzetti per drenaggio di balconi e terrazzi già flangiati con bitume

Productinformation 03/2013

PDF 54,8KB

Siphon for condensate HL136NT transparent

Productinformation 01/2013

PDF 146,4KB

HL38P Extension for PVC floor coatings

Productinformation 02/2012


HL3100T, HL5100T - HL Series-Terra
Balkony and terrace drains HL3100T(H),  HL5100T(H)

Productinformation 01/2012

PDF 24,4KB

Ultra flat shower channel with height 68mm

Productinformation 08/2011

HL161 Drainage element for HL62, HL63, HL64 and HL69 series

Productinformation 05/2011

PDF 161,2KB
HL521 Trap for shower trays flat DN40
for holes ø 90mm

Productinformation 03/2011

PDF 93,6KB
HL520, HL522, HL522V flat stainless steel cover plates

Productinformation 01/2011

PDF 195,3KB

HL523N with new high capacity trap.
1,1 l/s - horizontal and
1,35 l/s - vertical


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