All HL-products are subject to continuous factory inspections. Products with test symbols are taken a regular official monitoring and correspond to ÖNORM.The weldability of our PE-drains with all PE-pipe-product lines on the market is certificated by 'Österreichisches Kunststoffinstitut'.


Articolul este fabricat din fonta cenusie, cu grafit lamelar, conform DIN EN1561 EN-GJL-200. La livrare, produsul este acoperit cu o vopsea de culoare neagra, pentru protectie la transport.
Datorita proprietatilor sale naturale, in timp, sunt posibile fenomene de coroziune superficiala ce nu au efecte negative asupra rezistentei și functionalitatii produsului.


Bitumen membranes

SBS modified bitumen membrane with elastomer attributes; polyester mat 235g/m²; thickness 4,5mm; according to DIN52133, DIN52123 and DIN4102 (resistant to flying sparks and radiant heat); resistant to all chemicals in the atmosphere; welding with L.P.G. burners.

EPDM (ethylene-propylene-terpolymere-rubber)

Multi-purpose waterproofing membrane; resistant to ozone, UV- and IR- rays; radix-proof according to DIN4062; according to DIN4102 class "B2" (resistant to flying sparks and radiant heat); thickness 1,0 - 1,2mm, weight 1,2 or 1,4kg/m² respectively; bonding to bituminous coatings, boards or membranes.

Lead (Pb 0,15%Sb)

1mm thick – lead collar for traditional lead waterproofing; soldering on lead (also available at HL).

Montaplast-B (3 - ply textile membrane with rubber inlay)

Multi-purpose waterproofing membrane; thickness 1mm, weight 550g/m²; bonding to 2-component-epoxy-resin or -dispersions.