The trap seal PRIMUS

Primus is a new kind of trap seal which works with or without sealing water. Refilling sealing water to avoid stench is no longer necessary!
A well-known problem is solved and no longer up-to-date!

This is how it works:

The initial situation: As with 'conventional' trap seals, sewer gases are prevented from rising by the sealing water.
When sewage-water runs into the trap seal, PRIMUS again works like a conventional trap seal but the patented float assembly rises to ensure maximum capacity.
By-and-by the sealing water evaporates - a well-known problem...
When the sealing water has evaporated to a certain degree, the shortcoming of conventional trap seals gets revealed: sewer gases can rise - stench is the result! Primus prevents the sewer gases from rising as the float assembly seals the stand pipe in the trap seal - problem solved!