Integrating drains in waterproofings

Waterproofing bathrooms, balconies and terraces - especially the right choice and integration of suitable drains - still raises troubles. The majority of the calls reaching our support-hotline concerns this matter. This article is intended to present the different possibilities of waterproofing floors with HL drains and to give hints of how to install them correctly.

The number of waterproofing materials and their composition grows continuously. Their appliance directly to the drain body - predominantly made of PP or PE - is not possible as these materials show bad adhesive attributes or do not bond to other materials respecitvely. They just can be compounded by welding using similar materials.
As leading producer of sophisticated drains HL concentrates on providing secure and reliable waterproofing methods you can trust on. In practice this means to find and test materials which can durably be compounded to the drain as well as to the used waterproofing material.
HL offers waterproofing kits for clamping, agglutinating or welding membranes as well as drains with bitumen membrane collars welded on at the factory. The new systems "CeraDrain" and "FlexDrain" are the perfect solutions for modern "thin-bed-waterproofing".

Waterproofing kits with membrane collars or clamping rings

HL83 series
HL84 series
HL86 series

Drains with bitumen membrane welded on at the factory - modern waterproofing