Modern waterproofing


"Thin bed" waterproofing matches modern demands - optical (low construction heights e.g. for tiled showers) on the one hand, sanitary on the other (baths, hospitals, kitchen, bathrooms in fitness centers, saunas, etc.); but also structural demands, regulations (DIN 18024) and safety aspects. The principle of using screeded epoxy resin or the tile adhesive itself to form an impermeable layer just beneath the finished floor needs modern and reliable facilities of integrating drains. This is why CeraDrain ist the ultimate solution. The polymer concrete collar lies flush with the screed - heigth adjustable levelling legs provide millimetre-accurate adjustment - and the steel mesh limits differential movement between the screed and the drain. A glass fibre mat, bonded to the top of the collar acts as reinforcement at the critical point between the screed and the collar. The special membranes and waterproof tile adhesive used in these installations bond easily and secure to this surface. HL offers multifuncional CeraDrain raising pieces (HL85NC, HL360) as well as complete CeraDrain floor drain (HL80.1C(R)) and balcony or terrace drain sets (HL80C(R)).


The extension HL370 "FlexDrain" is the ultimate solution for "thin bed" waterproofing where depth is restricted. The perforations in the flange key it to the screed. The upper surface has a fleece finish to which water proofing and tile adhesive can bond. A FlexDrain mat, bonded to the top of the flange acts as reinforcement at the critical point between the screed and the flange. The grate frame needs no sealing anymore (no more silicone in the seam). This extension suits the drains HL317K and HL72.1K.


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