Fire protection from HL

Modern drainage systems often imply the usage of plastic pipework and floor drains.
It is generally adapted that ceilings must have a 90 minute fire rating (F90). But a ceiling is only as secure as the weakest point i.e. penetrations for pipeworks or floor drains. Such penetrations have to be secured with a fire collar R90.

HL now offers cost-effective and easy-to-install fire-collar-assemblies for the use with different sizes of PP-floor drains. These assemblies come with intumescent material which begins to expand at 150° C, closing the void completely. The transfer of heat, flame or smoke is prevented in a highly effective and reliable way.

The following fire collars are available:

HL830 fire collar R 120/90 - for HL511KE

HL840 fire collar R 120/90 - for HL310N series

HL850 fire collar R 120/90 - for HL317 series

HL860 fire collar R 120/90 - for HL „Perfekt“ series: HL606 – HL616 (DN110 vertical)


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